Celebrating 30 years of Structural Timber Design 1985 - 2015

mlb Consulting Engineers are specialist Chartered Professional Engineers in the design of timber structures. With many years experience in timber engineering, we are able to achieve cost efficient and robust design solutions that highlight the aesthetic qualities of timber.

We can offer:

  • Professional structural engineering advice
  • Extensive specialist experience in timber design
  • Cost efficient design solutions
  • Availability and willingness to undertake both local and overseas projects
  • Willingness to provide a specialist timber design service to other consultants
  • Sustainable structural systems

Why use timber?

Designed well, wood as a building material are durable and robust enough to stand up for hundreds of years, as some of the oldest European and Asian timber structures demonstrate. More...

Recent news?

November 2013:

mlb and TTT Products Ltd won the Building and Construction Award at the New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards. Click here to view.

March 2013:

Engineering Insight published an article on Hollow Timber Rounds (MultiPoles) titled “Core Blimey”. Click here to view.

February 2013:

Construction has started on New Zealands first Living Building Challenge project: Te Wharehou O Tuhoe.

Also, click here to view a flythrough by JASMAX Architects.

This project is discussed in detail in the February/March issue of Progressive Building Magazine. Click here to view.

September 2012:

We issued a paper in the Structural Engineering Society Journal titled, “Sesimic Design of Plasterboard Wall Bracing Systems”. Click here to view.